• QotD: type right

    Posted March 16 by Jack Yan

    QotD: have you ever used a typewriter? Yes, and I had used one on and off till a few years ago. I began with Dad’s Underwood 18, a very simple, portable typewriter that we brought over from Hong Kong. I learned to type on it. In the 1980s, with Dad’s business doing well, we bought a...

  • QotD: you’ve got mail

    Posted March 13 by Jack Yan

    QotD: how long have you had your current email address? Twenty-three years. I’ve had my company domain for all that time, and never saw much need to change. It has a few aliases because of my other ventures but they all go to that one main box. Just two weeks ago, someone replied to a mes...

  • Lobster Joke

    Posted March 6 by Jonathan

    A game warden was walking down a dock one afternoon when he saw a woman with a bucket of llobsters. He ran over, showed the woman his badge, and said, "You're in big trouble. Poacing is illegal, and we take it very seriously here!" "No, no," said the woman, laughing, "these lobsters are my pets! Ea...

  • More Instagram art

    Posted March 3 by Jack Yan

    Here’s more Instagram-created art, from my visit to Emerson’s Brewery in Dunedin at the end of the week.

  • Instagram art

    Posted February 28 by Jack Yan

    I don’t know if Instagram does this on all phones, but when I make multi-photo posts, it often leaves behind a very interesting image. Sometimes, the result is very artistic, such as this one of a Lotus–Ford Cortina Mk II. You can see the rear three-quarter shot just peer in through t...

  • One school shooting survivor writes to others

    Posted February 23 by Jack Yan

    My first cousin once removed (my cousin’s son), who survived the NIU shooting in 2008 (he was in the back row at Cole Hall, and many of his classmates died), wrote a letter to the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting today. He gave me permission to publish it on my bl...

  • Walk with your eyes open, please

    Posted February 8 by Jack Yan

    A reminder to Wellingtonians: don’t step out on the road when a car has the right of way.   A young woman was nearly run over outside Te Papa yesterday when she walked out in front of me. I was on the left-most lane, and travelling slowly due to traffic, so she was all right there, b...

  • The last American Falcon

    Posted January 23 by Jack Yan

    I’m fascinated by the 1970½ Ford Falcon for a number of reasons. The first is the obvious one: rarity. This car was built for only half a model year, from January to August 1970. If you think it looks like a contemporary Torino, you’re right: it’s basically a very stripped-d...

  • First baby of New Zealand

    Posted January 19 by Jack Yan

    I get no sound when watching this video, but as Radio New Zealand’s excellent live feed has been deleted for reasons unknown (they always seem to do this, strangely), all that is left is the TV3 coverage. Hopefully you can get sound on your computers. It’s a very happy day here in New Ze...

  • The Chinese navy is sneaky

    Posted January 18 by Jack Yan

    The People’s Republic of China’s navy is really, really sneaky.  

  • QotD: perfect timing

    Posted January 16 by Jack Yan

    QotD: early riser or night owl? I’m a night owl who wants to be an early riser but hasn’t been able to crack it.

  • The death of the Australian car

    Posted January 15 by Jack Yan

    In response to a friend tonight on why the sun has set on the mass-produced Australian car (the last was produced in October 2017). I think part of the blame lies at Ford’s feet, Stuart. Ford has had a record of under-marketing lines for internal political reasons. They killed the Contour and...

  • Walking Away From Misery

    Posted January 9 by Coddiwomple

    I came here to write a bitter little post about giving everything I have to someone who didn't appreciate me, who will never thank me.  And then, as I was futzing around trying to write (and doing everything but writing) - I found this: HOLLY BUTCHER: 1990-2018 My take away quotes: "Giv...