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  • All right, who shared their cold?

    Posted February 8 by TreeSweater

    I started feeling symptoms Monday night (dry, irritated nasal passages), so I’m trying to think where I was Saturday that I might have picked it up. All I did was go to the salon to get my hairs did, and my stylist wasn’t sick, as far as I know. But that’s all. We cooked, so we d...

  • I don’t brake for icebergs

    Posted February 7 by Jack Yan

    So good it wound up in the China Daily newspaper. The cartoon was drawn by Stéphane Peray, a freelancer based in Thailand. It’s being reported that the newspaper editor didn’t see the Nazi connotations, and occidentals are surprised. Well, China did have its hands full with anot...

  • Slothtastic TeachingFodder

    Posted February 6 by paikea

    So I teach English in Germany [as some of you might already know].  One of my teaching tools is a series of videos about everything that Google puts out - super high production values, about literally everything - Great Big Story. You should check them out. [There is also a handy-dandy app.] ...

  • When you can replace ‘Putin’ with ‘Trump’

    Posted February 6 by Jack Yan

    As I posted earlier, the one area where I have some agreement with President Trump (still weird writing those two words) is his willingness to talk to President Putin. If the two guys in charge of over 90 per cent of the world’s nukes get on, then that’s not a bad thing. Reagan got on wi...

  • passaporte

    Posted February 1 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    My new passport arrived today! Yay! Because I want to go back to Italy soon. Also, amazing, very quick. And what they do not advertise on the immigration website, is you can keep your old one too and just use the visa in that, along with your new one, instead of buying a new visa for over £300...

  • Trump: he tells it like it is

    Posted February 1 by Jack Yan

    Donald Trump gives good advice and asks the right questions.  

  • In which women conduct: SHOCKER. *snark*

    Posted February 1 by paikea

    I just watched this little segment on PBS on women conductors. I am somewhat still nonplussed as to why there aren't more women conductors. In a realm of arts I so love and have existed in my whole life, this is such a disappointment.  Watch this segment. It's only 7minutes and quite illuminat...

  • Honeymoon over

    Posted January 31 by Jack Yan

    Via Will Jordan on Twitter: days until achieving majority disapproval, according to Gallup.   Ronald Reagan: 727 George Bush: 1,336 Bill Clinton: 573 George W. Bush: 1,205 Barack Obama: 936 Donald Trump: 8   Will’s Tweet: https://...

  • All are created equal, just some more equal than others

    Posted January 31 by Jack Yan

    I was always taught, and read in US textbooks, that upon leaving office, a president becomes a Mr (since the US still hasn’t managed to elect a woman to the office) again.   You can refer to former president Barack Obama now, but technically President Obama is incorrect, unless you a...

  • shocking

    Posted January 30 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    I am finding it shocking the direction the world is going. In our country as well, the awful Prime Minister and BREXIT, the dreadful woman the PM put in charge of DEFRA.  As for America, it's incredible. Is this how the people of Europe felt as Hitler took power and was implementing his takeov...

  • Liberal media...

    Posted January 29 by Streetvein

  • QotD: T.V. M*A*S*H*

    Posted January 29 by paikea

    QotD: Do you have a favorite new television show this season? Well, shows I just started watching? Killjoys Designated Survivor The OA The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

  • mongoose spa

    Posted January 28 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

  • happy birthday

    Posted January 26 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

     from the hubby

  • Sleepy thoughts

    Posted January 25 by TreeSweater

    It's the middle of winter, and most of our clients don't do much this time of year anyway because of the weather. And a bunch of people in my group are at our client's office for the next three days doing a hazard analysis. So it's a little slow here. I didn't sleep worth a crap last night. I woke ...