• Tech down

    Posted March 8 by Jack Yan

    What a crazy 24 hours in technology-land.   Last night, the Swype keyboard on my phone died. No matter what I did, I was stuck. I now believe that the word list had become corrupted, but I really needn’t have feared, as I had signed up to sync the list with the cloud. But since every...

  • This Fox news isn’t much better

    Posted March 7 by Jack Yan

    Sometimes, certain politicians should not be let on to Twitter. All they do is prove they ain’t as smart as the rest of us. Unsurprisingly, Dr Fox, somewhat delusional based on the above Tweet, is a pro-Brexiteer.

  • Family ties

    Posted March 6 by Jonathan

    These guys! They can make any day feel good, even a Monday morning. Rhiannon is a senior in high school, with big plans and an even bigger heart. I can barely even think about her moving away in the fall without my heart breaking a little bit. While Spenser is 12 years old, going on 4 years old an...

  • The rednecks’ last hurrah

    Posted March 6 by Jack Yan

    How come white supremacy refers to a tiny subset of whites who exhibit inferiority?   Unlike the cowardly, anonymous fool hiding behind their keyboard, I actually can speak for a decent portion of my country and my community, especially when you take the numbers I got in my last conteste...

  • Double rainbow

    Posted March 5 by Jack Yan

    We had to go somewhere to get summer since Wellington didn’t offer us one. Sure, it rained in Papeete on the second day—for 10 minutes. Then we saw this. The second rainbow’s a bit faint, but it is there.  

  • Walkies

    Posted February 28 by Jonathan

    Spenser the dog and I went for a long walk yesterday while we waited for the Subaru to get new tires. We are pretty lucky here in Medford MA, as we have lots of great outdoorsy places to go for being no more than a 20 minute drive to downtown Boston. There's always the Middlesex Fells, which is a ...

  • Ebony and Ivory

    Posted February 25 by Streetvein

    Today's political climate takes me to another dark place in American history... in 1995 when OJ Simpson was aquitted of murdering two white people, I felt like an alien because I was the only white person among my friends and family who understood and agreed with the innocent verdict.  They cou...

  • Online Things

    Posted February 23 by Liv


  • Mental Hibernation / im Winterschlaf im Kopf

    Posted February 23 by paikea

    I don't know about you guys, but I have been finding this whole political climate so incredibly horrific and crushing that sometimes I can hardly breathe. I think this election was bad enough, but as debilitating as that was mentally, in the weeks [and yes, it has literally only been weeks] since th...

  • The Bibble Years 1

    Posted February 22 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    Intro: I plan to write a book about my life with Bibble and with the rescue. It all started with Bibble, and so I will call it The Bibble Years. Here is the beginning, and I will continue to write the book here on blogcozy, eventually copying it all to Word and submitting it to a publisher. March 2...

  • Instagram milestones

    Posted February 21 by Jack Yan

    I was really hoping for 1,500 followers and 750 following to mark when I had twice as many Instagram followers as followings, but it looks like I hit that mark with 1,490 and 744 (close enough). I also managed to see 100 notifications a few weeks ago, thanks to someone who liked a lot of my photos...

  • Zie Ze Vliegen

    Posted February 16 by Jack Yan

    Had no idea this existed: a Dutch remake of Come Fly with Me. It might be quite funny except one wonders what the point was. Most Dutch people speak English and the original is excellent. Did it need a shot-by-shot remake?    For those who haven’t seen the original, here’s a t...