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  • Recent Art work

    Posted December 27 by Leila

     Thought I should share what I have been painting lately.. Been practicing and I think I have been improving. What do you think?   This was one of my first artwork (Back in April)     aaa                  

  • Online Things

    Posted December 27 by Liv


  • Where to begin?

    Posted December 26 by Liv

    I've so much to share, I don't know where to begin.  It is my 9th night in my new house, and my first evening out of bed in the last two days. I hurt my back, and have had to be on bedrest to get it to a sufficient stage of healing. It's so frustrating, to be able to do so little to sort out t...

  • Christmas brekkies

    Posted December 26 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    In the oven (yesterterday morning), cranberry and dark choc chip scones. Home made of course. First properly British (Scottish) thing I learned to bake once I set foot on this island.

  • Christmas card

    Posted December 24 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch


  • it will not be a white Christmas in England this year

    Posted December 24 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch Arctic Heatwave (2nd year in a row): animals starving as their ecosystem is disrupted, scientists are "very confident" that it's human caused. (but who gives a shit about animals? - I do - and everyone should - if not for their beauty and r...

  • score one for wildlife

    Posted December 20 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    Romania has banned trophy hunting of bears, big cats, and more. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Chump is going to hold a fundraiser where you can go trophy hunting with the Ch...

  • Public Posts are Public!

    Posted December 19 by Team Cozy

    Hello Coziers - You can now post or send a link to your public BlogCozy posts anywhere online. Please let us know if you run into trouble with this, or have any questions or concerns. Have fun! Team Cozy

  • Christmas Cover Songs by ME

    Posted December 17 by Suni

    SOOOOO I have done 2 songs for Christmas. Hope that you enjoy.      

  • Book Review: Nothing Short Of Dying by Erik Storey

    Posted December 16 by Jonathan

    "Nothing Short Of Dying" is Erik Storey's debut novel, featuring Clyde Barr, who has spent the past 16 years as a soldier of fortune (fighting for the "good" guys of course). Good at thinking on his feet, good with guns but not so good with people, Barr gets dragged into a drug war, trying to resc...

  • Life at Warp 9.9

    Posted December 15 by Liv

    How did I ever think that this process of buying a house was going slowly? I have felt like a starship on impulse drive for the last six weeks, and suddenly I'm at Warp 9.9! However, the Starship Livvie is strong and capable, and my course is well planned.  This time tomorrow night I will have...

  • QotD: seasonal quirks

    Posted December 14 by Jack Yan

    QotD: are the seasons all screwed up where you live?   In a word, yes. Yesterday was a typical summer’s day. Today: wind and rain and no blue patches of sky. Weather has been screwed up since 9.11—the day Trump got elected. You can almost count the number of “correct” s...

  • Lena's Song - by Stephen Donaldson (in The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant)

    Posted December 14 by Liv

    "Something there is in beauty which grows in the soul of the beholder like a flower:  fragile- for many are the blights which may waste the beauty or the beholder- and the imperishable- for the beauty may die,  or the beholder may die, or the world may die, but the soul in whic...