• Why do I always wait until well past bedtime...

    Posted 1 year ago by TreeSweater

    ...to do my online shopping? This time it's audiobooks at Audible.com. I actually chose the books and added them to my cart this afternoon from work, but I didn't get started downloading them to my computer and syncing them to my iPod until nearly 10:30 PM. Naturally, there is a software update f...

  • amazing photo of a wild bunny

    Posted 1 year ago by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch


  • day 1 of twelve days off (technically day 3, but the weekend before doesn't count as "off"

    Posted 1 year ago by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    I have until the Thursday of next week off. Well earned and mightily needed. I have been working basically full time for months. When I go back, it is to be three days a week again. Yes, I am still there. Sigh. I tire of looking for another job and the employment agencies SUCK. They either match you...

  • I love this photo

    Posted 1 year ago by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

     I love photos that capture activity in a moment in time in a very natural way. Here are Shale and Piglet (aka Bruce) in our office hanging out. I took this whilst laying on the floor, I took lots of photos of them over the weekend, from the same perspective, but this one if my favourite. ...

  • Inditwyla, hare apparent

    Posted 1 year ago by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

     Indie is one of Litha's children, half wild, half giant rabbit; I took this photo yesterday in our garden, she was having a great time. Indie is built lean and very hare-like. She eats loads, please do not think she doesn't get enough food. 

  • Baby? Yes indeed!

    Posted 1 year ago by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    So I have these dreams. I try to be a practical person when it comes to religion and mysticism. But I have dreams that are prophetic on and off in my life. For all of my life. (apparently my grandmother did too) Some years I have none. Others I have a plethora of them. They bring me down to earth to...

  • Paging Dr Libby

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    Even famous people can screw up. Here’s a post from my Instagram, followed by one from Dr Libby Weaver’s an hour later:    In case the cropping helps you make a proper comparison (I’ve tried to get it as close as I can without wasting any more time):    ...

  • QotD: nice v. nasty

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    QotD: what’s the nicest thing you’ve had to say about someone you didn’t like?  Sometimes, you don’t need to say anything directly. Here’s me commenting on an establishment politician, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, after he made a racist joke. (If Blogcozy doesn&rsquo...

  • Instagram 10,000

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    I know I don’t have that many followers for a guy who has posted 10,000 pics on Instagram—not unlike Twitter, where I Tweet a lot. And I know full well how to build a following, but I choose not to stick to one topic, primarily because I’m posting for me, not an audience. Neverth...

  • Everyone deserves a new start

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    Oh dear. I wonder if they ever realized.

  • Changed my Tumblr skin because of Google

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    I changed my Tumblr skin yesterday. Not that I disliked the old one: it was Effector from Pixel Union and I had customized it a lot. However, it would slow down my browser in more recent times. If I opened it up, everything else would go incredibly slowly, images on other sites would fail to loa...

  • British people have strange food

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    Amazing what British supermarkets sell.

  • Return of the Saint

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    There really aren’t too many publicity photos online from ITC’s Return of the Saint series. This was also a staple for me when it aired in New Zealand in 1979–80, though it was made a few years before that. It showed a very exotic Europe, though if you watch them in order, you ...

  • QotD: Denial is no River

    Posted 1 year ago by Suni

    QotD: Are you in denial about something? If so, what?  If I had something to be in denial about and admitted it, then I am not in denial... hmmm.

  • When you see one of your old press cars

    Posted 1 year ago by Jack Yan

    This is not just any Audi A7 Sportback 3·0 TDI. It was my old press car from 2011. I often wonder if the current owners know that their cars were formerly press cars. They may have been told, honestly, that it was a former ‘demonstrator’. While I cosseted this one and treated it...