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  • mongoose spa

    Posted January 28 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

  • happy birthday

    Posted January 26 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

     from the hubby

  • Sleepy thoughts

    Posted January 25 by TreeSweater

    It's the middle of winter, and most of our clients don't do much this time of year anyway because of the weather. And a bunch of people in my group are at our client's office for the next three days doing a hazard analysis. So it's a little slow here. I didn't sleep worth a crap last night. I woke ...

  • Self-loving

    Posted January 25 by Liv


  • Freezing fog on the Colorado Prairie

    Posted January 25 by Liv

    I woke this morning to a gorgeous frozen fog across the prairie around my home. I took some time off of work to go driving around, exploring my area for the first time. Here are my favorite photos from the jaunt. 

  • Agreements

    Posted January 24 by Liv

    I'm doing a lot of thinking lately about the agreements I have with myself and others.  I feel like I have made many agreements here on BlogCozy for example, and then not gone back to review the things I have promised or explained why they aren't happening, or are taking longer than I ant...

  • 1st Online Dating Report [ODR]: Dating Apps, Take 2

    Posted January 23 by paikea

    1st Online Dating Report [to be future referred to as ODR]: 1. Everyone smokes here[I still find this so weird] and haven't bothered to read I don't want any smokers. 2. Most of them want "open" relationships. Apparently, monogamy is a thing of the past as a choice for me. One guy is actually ma...

  • best stuff from this weekend

    Posted January 22 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

     sign hung from the Tower Bridge in London below, a comparison of the Trump inauguration on the left to the Obama 2009 one on the right best signs from yesterday's pussy power march in Washington                    Best headline: Pl...

  • revolutionary

    Posted January 21 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    The only, only good thing that will come out of this new presidency, is if we are very lucky, a revolution of the liberals bursting out into the mainstream US. Yes, they are there already, but only in pockets like Austin, Northern California, Boulder, San Francisco, etc. And minorities and American ...

  • Feeling kind of bummed today.

    Posted January 20 by TreeSweater

    No, not about politics. I'm trying to avoid that. I just don't have the mental or emotional energy for all that anger and hatred right now. It's all this business of getting middle-aged that has me down. :( At my exam last spring, my doctor was a little concerned about my blood pressure because it...

  • Nasi Lemak

    Posted January 18 by Leila

                I've been busy..with Laith attending 2 schools now ( we enrolled him to a religious school in the morning and afternoon is the normal primary school). Work has been keeping me occupied too. Have not been painting much and then yesterday I was in the ...

  • QotD: The Sound of Music

    Posted January 17 by Suni

    QotD: What's your favorite song from a musical? 

  • For Paikea

    Posted January 16 by Liv

  • happy

    Posted January 16 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch