• Redoing JY&A Fonts’ website

    Posted September 9 by Jack Yan

    Finally, after eight years, we updated our font business’s website from this: to this:   You can tell how the philosophy has changed in the last decade: people don’t mind scrolling any more, so the page is tall. Back in 2009, we were still trying to cram as much into the first...

  • Deputy Prime Monster

    Posted August 28 by Jack Yan

    One thing (out of many) that I like about New Zealand: we have a General Election on in the second half of September and it’s only getting more heated now. Unlike the US, we don’t have an election cycle that seems to begin somewhere between 18 and 24 months out from the election. And her...

  • Some books

    Posted August 23 by Jonathan

    I’ve been making some good progress on my 2017 Reader’s Challengs - I’m 2 ahead of my goal of 35 books read (24 so far this year). Here’s a couple recent updates: ​ What Makes Sammy Run? by Budd Schulberg My rating: 3 of 5 stars You know, it's strange. I kept thinking I...

  • Auckland’s contribution to Abbott & Costello routines

    Posted August 16 by Jack Yan

    I had to take a photo of this gift shop in Auckland when Amanda and I walked past.   ‘What was that Auckland gift shop called?’    ‘It’s OK.’    ‘Yeah, I know it’s OK, but what was it called?’    ‘It’...

  • Maybe still okay

    Posted July 27 by Liv

    Let me ramble.  I am being very hard on myself right now, but it's hard to admit that.  I'm in the middle of renovations. I bought a studio house in December of last year (it's huge, it's a hundred year old bank, but it had no bedrooms, so technically a studio). I have put in new basemen...

  • Nine and Thirteen on stage together

    Posted July 21 by Jack Yan

    Doctor Whos no. 9 and 13 act alongside each other. Great seeing Christopher Eccleston and Jodie Whittaker here, in Antigone (an interesting version set in the 1970s).

  • What a disappointing version of The Saint

    Posted July 20 by Jack Yan

    What a disappointing remake of The Saint—shame this will probably be Sir Roger Moore’s last screen credit. Too many establishing shots (worse than the old ITC series showing a city name in big letters when everything that followed was at Elstree), very evident where extra sequences were ...


    Posted July 20 by Leila

       Last Tuesday was Laith's 8th Birthday. Time sure flies.. I could still remember his smell when I first held him in my arm. Now he is a big boy. He is over protective like his dad. I remember when we were on the ferry to Pangkor. He was sitting beside me then he told me he wanted to sit...

  • Stepping out

    Posted July 17 by Suni

    I own another blog and I posted this earlier. https://youtu.be/x085XHNS_8U Attached h to this post https://chempai.wordpress.com/2017/07/17/sparkle-and-shine/

  • QotD: Life is Learning

    Posted July 16 by Suni

    QotD: You are learning something new. What is it?  How to rest in the Lord more effectively. God has been really teaching me what true patience and rest are all about recently. He wants me to learn how to be BELOVED by God and rest in His presence.

  • KLCC Tower bridge visit

    Posted July 11 by Leila

    One of my colleague left his tsuff at the Malaysian Petroleum Club last Thursday and he came to me and said "hey, you've never been to the Malaysian Petroleum Club right? I left something there, you wann join me? You can check out the bridge from the club" I immediately said yes.   Honestly, ...

  • A good book let down by annoying errors

    Posted July 8 by Jack Yan

    I bought Steven Parissien’s The Life of the Automobile: a New History of the Motor Car, which started off as a good history. I’m 300-odd pages in now and the amount of mistakes is really worrying. There’s also a shocking lack of editing (one part repeated, albeit in different langu...

  • Windows 10 actually upgraded on the first attempt

    Posted July 6 by Jack Yan

    Incredible: Windows 10 actually updated successfully to the latest version on the first attempt.   On this desktop computer, the Anniversary update took 11 attempts. The standing joke (mine) was that as it was called Windows 10, you needed more than 10 attempts for things to work. &nb...

  • Trip to Pangkor Island

    Posted July 6 by Leila

    To those who celebrate, Happy Eid! Or we Malaysian would say "Selamat Hari Raya!" It's our first Eid without Zahed this year.. Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate together next year. Since Zahed is not around this time around, we (me, Laith & my Parents in law) is in no mood to celebrate so we deci...

  • The true meaning of Patience

    Posted July 2 by Suni

    So the Lord has been dealing with me about patience. Firstly , what is patience? From the Bible we know it is one of the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22). The Bible has a lot to say about patience.   From the bing dictionary we know that patience is : the capacity to accept or ...

  • Dear 6 and a half year old me

    Posted June 26 by Suni

    Dear 6 1/2 year old me, Cherish the moments you have with your family that are happy...especially those with your Grammy and Dad. One day, those memories will be all you have left of them. Some really messed up stuff is coming your way, stuff you won't understand for a long time... but you just C...