• Walk with your eyes open, please

    Posted February 8 by Jack Yan

    A reminder to Wellingtonians: don’t step out on the road when a car has the right of way.   A young woman was nearly run over outside Te Papa yesterday when she walked out in front of me. I was on the left-most lane, and travelling slowly due to traffic, so she was all right there, b...

  • The last American Falcon

    Posted January 23 by Jack Yan

    I’m fascinated by the 1970½ Ford Falcon for a number of reasons. The first is the obvious one: rarity. This car was built for only half a model year, from January to August 1970. If you think it looks like a contemporary Torino, you’re right: it’s basically a very stripped-d...

  • First baby of New Zealand

    Posted January 19 by Jack Yan

    I get no sound when watching this video, but as Radio New Zealand’s excellent live feed has been deleted for reasons unknown (they always seem to do this, strangely), all that is left is the TV3 coverage. Hopefully you can get sound on your computers. It’s a very happy day here in New Ze...

  • The Chinese navy is sneaky

    Posted January 18 by Jack Yan

    The People’s Republic of China’s navy is really, really sneaky.  

  • QotD: perfect timing

    Posted January 16 by Jack Yan

    QotD: early riser or night owl? I’m a night owl who wants to be an early riser but hasn’t been able to crack it.

  • The death of the Australian car

    Posted January 15 by Jack Yan

    In response to a friend tonight on why the sun has set on the mass-produced Australian car (the last was produced in October 2017). I think part of the blame lies at Ford’s feet, Stuart. Ford has had a record of under-marketing lines for internal political reasons. They killed the Contour and...

  • Walking Away From Misery

    Posted January 9 by Coddiwomple

    I came here to write a bitter little post about giving everything I have to someone who didn't appreciate me, who will never thank me.  And then, as I was futzing around trying to write (and doing everything but writing) - I found this: HOLLY BUTCHER: 1990-2018 My take away quotes: "Giv...

  • QotD: A 2018 check-list

    Posted January 7 by Jenny

    QotD: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  It's too easy to get overly ambitious with New Year's resolutions, so I try to keep them really vague so that I can feel like I accomplished something at the end of the year.  I try to maintain a healthy level of self-loathing all thr...

  • Behind the scenes of Black Mirror

    Posted January 2 by Jack Yan

    Although this chat with Charlie Brooker (creator) and Annabel Jones (executive producer) was shot in August 2017, it still gives a good insight into what goes in to Black Mirror.     The Donald Pleasence public information film they refer to is this—creepy, and bear in mind t...

  • QotD: A 2018 check-list

    Posted January 2 by Holly Jahangiri

    QotD: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I have. I do this every year, and it has paid off well, for the most part - but my commitment to the goals has slipped over the past year or two, and I am resolved to do better this year. After all, what are New Year's Resolutions but a commitme...

  • QotD: presence of presents

    Posted December 30 by Jack Yan

    QotD: what was your favourite gift from the holidays? There are too many to note—obviously Amanda’s comes in at number one because they were the most thought out, but I’ll keep that to myself. Instead, I will note that my cousin Wendy got me the following and gave them to me w...

  • QotD: ’Tis the season

    Posted December 29 by Liv

    QotD: How stressful do the holidays get for you?  I had a small Thanksgivingmas party a week before Christmas. It was stressful, because I had SO much work to get done for the house to be ready for guests. However, half the reason for the party was that I would "scurryfunge" (an old english wo...