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  • you know nothing, Jon Snow

    Posted January 4 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    a quickie - Just before work broke up for the holidays, I hosted a Trivia quiz there. I was very surprised to learn in doing so that so many of my coworkers (just about all of them, in fact) never read the news/listen to it on the tv. They knew nothing of science news over the past year, and many of...

  • things to do on your 2nd week off work

    Posted January 3 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    (a) Housework! Cleaning those places I normally ignore. Starting last week, we did some deep cleaning, mostly because we keep getting mice in the house, little blighters. I have had to wash all of the fabrics I had neatly folded and stacked on my sewing shelves. This was actually helpful in a small ...

  • WTF, people

    Posted January 3 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    People over here are still in shock that Donald Trump got elected. Never mind that he is a ridiculous and corrupt imbecile, his family as well, his awful awful sons and tacky plastic wife; but how, after the vile things revealed about him, that it would still happen. I can't believe that many Americ...

  • Video:Mount Fuji Time Lapse

    Posted January 2 by Leila

    Here you go :)   Took me a day to turn a 25 min video to 45sec time lapse *newbie*  

  • getting stuff off the old laptop before retiring it installment 1, Grand Canyon to Valley of Fire

    Posted January 2 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

         the holiday of a lifetime Nov 2008 , I took with my son before moving here permanently (he was 19); those who remember me and my blog will remember I posted on this as we went along back then; if ever I could back in time, it would be to that   

  • Online Things

    Posted January 1 by Liv


  • Last Post of 2016

    Posted January 1 by Suni

    So I was contemplating how I would finish out this year blog-wise. The funny part...I don't have much to say. This year was full of rollercoastering and moving. I am tired. The close of this year is only another day, really. Midnight hits, no magic happens to  make the new year better. There ar...

  • Happy Pope Gregory Arbitrary Calendar Start Day

    Posted January 1 by Jack Yan

    Happy Pope Gregory Arbitrary Calendar Start Day!   I know most of the world celebrates this as New Year’s Day, but it does seem arbitrary. One day, Pope Gregory deemed this to be the beginning of the year. Everyone said yes, except for the Orthodox Church, which has another arbitary ...

  • More Hedgehog fun - Raaaaar!

    Posted December 31 by Liv

  • Gems

    Posted December 30 by Leila

    Hi All   can't believe it's already the last working day of the year. A lot has happened this year and I think 2016 has been the roughest, toughest and most challenging year for our little family. But worry not because we are becoming stronger and wiser now. With good support from family and ...

  • QotD: Gimme Something Good

    Posted December 29 by Suni

    QotD: What is something good that happened to you this week?  My mom found my dad's old WahWah pedal and various music related paperwork that he had stashed in the house. He has been gone four years now, so this means a lot to me.

  • Bugged

    Posted December 28 by Jack Yan

    This is only after 149 km, from Palmerston North to Wellington on Christmas Day. That’s about two hours of driving. I had never seen so many bugs killed in such a short space of time before. Amanda and I toured the South Island in October, and the car was cleaner than this. And I drove c. 10,0...

  • Straight

    Posted December 28 by Jack Yan

    The panelbeaters (Edwards Panel and Paint, in Lyall Bay) did a great job removing that dent and scratch—that paintwork looks brand-new. But I am very paranoid about angle parking now. New Zealanders seem to have lost all consideration of fellow motorists. Two Saturdays before Christmas, one mo...

  • Lunch today

    Posted December 28 by Leila

    Hello,    What is your lunch today. I had meatball soup and salad. I have weighed myself last month and to my horror I actually gained 4 kilos since last July.. The last time I spoke to Zahed he was getting skinny and I used to be the skinnier one haha. We can't be like 1 & 0 when he com...

  • old piccies

    Posted December 27 by Bunny FKA Geology Byotch

    This time of year I reminisce about Christmases past. Some photos:  2006, my son at our house in the USA with Ghengis the cat; NYE 2005 at a party   Christmas Day 2010 with Masha (I sometimes dye my hair very dark brown, Masha in his Deadwood facial hair stage)

  • Recent Art work

    Posted December 27 by Leila

     Thought I should share what I have been painting lately.. Been practicing and I think I have been improving. What do you think?   This was one of my first artwork (Back in April)     aaa                  

  • Online Things

    Posted December 27 by Liv