• QotD: Unrequited

    Posted November 8 by Liv

    QotD: Have you ever talked yourself out of something you deep down really wanted to do? 

  • QotD: laughter, the best medicine

    Posted October 28 by Jack Yan

    QotD: when did you last laugh until it hurt? And, what was the reason?Probably seven years ago, watching Matiaha Paku’s stand-up routine at a bar in Cuba Street. I taught Matiaha design many years before that. It was the funniest routine I have ever seen. Shame he’s not doing stand-up an...

  • QotD: Home is where the heart is

    Posted October 22 by paikea

    I love living in an apartment, but I think I would also like a garden...I have zero green thumb, but I keep accumulating plants. Here in Germany, we don't have to chose tho. Often, people have garden space in a communal garden arena. They have little mini-cabins and hang out in their garden. It's su...

  • QotD: Life is Learning

    Posted July 16 by Suni

    QotD: You are learning something new. What is it?  How to rest in the Lord more effectively. God has been really teaching me what true patience and rest are all about recently. He wants me to learn how to be BELOVED by God and rest in His presence.

  • QotD: magazine tycoon

    Posted June 18 by Jack Yan

    QotD: if you were to have your own magazine, what would the title be?  This could be a trick question … I do have my own magazine and it’s called Lucire. The name came about when my friend Sylvie and I were hanging in her office in early 1997. She suggested it, and I said, ‘...

  • QotD: Life Story

    Posted May 5 by Suni

    QotD: The name of your autobiography is...?  Dangerous Lovely, A story about a girl in first and third person. I wrote in and out of my own body ... you have to read it to see what I mean. Check it out... click the pic  

  • QotD: nice v. nasty

    Posted April 8 by Jack Yan

    QotD: what’s the nicest thing you’ve had to say about someone you didn’t like?  Sometimes, you don’t need to say anything directly. Here’s me commenting on an establishment politician, the Rt Hon Winston Peters, after he made a racist joke. (If Blogcozy doesn&rsquo...

  • QotD: Denial is no River

    Posted April 7 by Suni

    QotD: Are you in denial about something? If so, what?  If I had something to be in denial about and admitted it, then I am not in denial... hmmm.

  • QotD: WTD

    Posted April 1 by Jack Yan

    QotD: what’s the difference between a duck?WTD?   One leg is both the same.   Speaking of April Fool’s, Lucire ran a gag story for the first time in our 20-year history. As it’s well into April 2 here, I might as well spoil it for you and tell you it’s her...

  • QotD: Jack the Observer Effect

    Posted March 23 by Potholder

    I was single for years.  Decades, actually. I was able to design my life very specifically.  I knew myself.  I knew it takes a while to shape a particular portion of my life to an acceptable mode.   I must first decide to do something. (I will eat clean.)  Then, I will ac...

  • QotD: bring the music

    Posted February 13 by Jack Yan

    QotD: if you were to learn a musical instrument, which one would it be? I started learning the piano at age 17 for about five hours, and after that I could play by ear, as long as there weren’t too many key changes. My chords are very basic. I’d love to know more about chords and some o...

  • QotD: T.V. M*A*S*H*

    Posted January 29 by paikea

    QotD: Do you have a favorite new television show this season? Well, shows I just started watching? Killjoys Designated Survivor The OA The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

  • QotD: The Sound of Music

    Posted January 17 by Suni

    QotD: What's your favorite song from a musical? 

  • QotD: the sound of music

    Posted January 14 by Jack Yan

    QotD: what’s your favourite song from a musical? A lot went through my mind as I attempted to answer this: was it something from Grease or, even more surprisingly, Xanadu? Or, of course, The Sound of Music (‘Edelweiß’ brings back fond memories and my late mother liked it...