day 1 of twelve days off (technically day 3, but the weekend before doesn't count as "off"

  • I have until the Thursday of next week off. Well earned and mightily needed. I have been working basically full time for months. When I go back, it is to be three days a week again. Yes, I am still there. Sigh. I tire of looking for another job and the employment agencies SUCK. They either match you with inappropriate jobs, ring incessantly all day long like a psycho ex, or don't get back to you until you email them a stroppy message. Then they lie and say they hadn't heard from you. I just emailed a woman named Jasmine "Hogwash" after she lied and said I hadn't responded to her first email.

    Never mind the job hunt...what to do with myself? Plenty! 

    Goals (the list):

    clean out the kitchen cupboards, wash them inside, and chuck and recycle anything not worth keeping (this is due to our having a mouse infestation for over two years, where we abandoned the cupboards on one side of the kitchen because mice could get in and shit and pee on everything - we are out of mice, YAYYYYYYYYY, after declaring war on the nasty little buggers, kindness methods included)

    fold and put away all clean laundry, wash all dirty laundry (the weather will be against me and all will have to be dried in the tumble dryer or on the radiators)

    doc appt on Wednesday to find out blood test results (I have not been well, but I carry on doing everything as if I am, being me, but have finally tired of having problems and went to doc last week) and discuss hospital/scans etc

    charity shop combing for spring and summer clothes, shirts and shorts for Masha, bunny chew toys (baskets, etc, untreated), baby clothes, maternity clothes, and drinking glasses (see next post for why baby and maternity clothes!)

    tidy the house and get rid of unnecessary stuff 

    tidy the garden and get rid of unnecessary stuff

    buy some plants and put in the big empty plant pots and make the seating area outside look more civilised

    weed the front garden (it looks like the Amazon rainforest)

    sleep as much as possible (long lazy naps after lunch)

    cook fabulous dinners (I dislike cooking dinner when I have busted my arse all day at work)

    go for a walk if I fancy it (actually really need to get back into it, so probably will be forcing myself to do it daily)

    and of course, spend time with the bunnies

    Day 1 accomplished already: cleaned out the spinny section of the kitchen cupboards, rebult Rupert's handicapped ramps so they are less steep (and yes, they are handicapped ramps, special needs ramps sounds ridiculous - he is lame in one front leg which is a handicap, not a special need, he loves living outside, and I will allow him to live outside as long as he can). The rest of the day I will eat lunch, watch Lewis on Netflix, have a big nap, then bathe and then cook a fab dinner.

     edited: walk photos added in (one hour walk!!!) 

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