Making BlogCozy posts Public

  • Hello Cozies!

    We hope you are well.

    By popular request, beginning next Sunday, December 18, we will be adding the ability to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on the web.

    In order to make this possible, we will be making posts that are marked "public" actually public (up until now you had to be a BlogCozy member to see any post on the site). Other pages may also be visible to the public, including a list of member names with icons. See below for instructions on how to make each of these areas private. 

    The privacy of your posts will be maintained - if a visitor to (or member of) the site does not have permission to see your post, they will not see it under Recent Blog Entries on the front page.

    If you have any posts marked public, please consider: are they all writing/photos that you are willing to show to the whole world wide web? If not, you will need to go to the Blogs Page, then select "My Entries" to get a list of all your posts. For any post that you do not want to be public, click on "Edit Entry"




    Then under the post, select the privacy level you want from the drop down menu:




    Please note, unclicking "show this blog entry" will not change a post's privacy setting, it will simply prevent it from being listed -- even for those who have permission to see it -- on places like the front page, "browse entries" or "neighbors' entries." 

    In addition, you should decide if you want your profile to be visible to anyone who visits the site, or only certain people.


    This is a big step toward expanding readership and membership for BlogCozy in 2017. We are continuing to modify and add features, so please as always, let us know what is most important to you.


    Liv and Polly
    Team BlogCozy




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