QotD: ’Tis the season

  • QotD: How stressful do the holidays get for you?

    I had a small Thanksgivingmas party a week before Christmas. It was stressful, because I had SO much work to get done for the house to be ready for guests. However, half the reason for the party was that I would "scurryfunge" (an old english word meaning "the cleaning you do when guests are on their way over). It was three days of intense work, including doing drywall (gods, I hate drywall now), but it got stuff done that was feeling like it was impossibly much. 

    Christmas Day was a regular day in this household. Momma had hung a few ornaments. We baked an "eggy pudding" (like figgy pudding, but paleo! LOL) and sang spoofed Christmas songs to our cats. 

    That's it. Easy peasy. SO much better than the five years of my marriage where the conversation would always go:

    "My family won't like that."

    "Oh. I checked with each member of your family about that, and everyone said they are okay with it."

    "No. My family won't like that. "

    ... and I would slave to make a great family Christmas without my (soon to be ex-) husband being able to thank me, because (and I didn't know this at the time) he is unable to thank someone if they expect to be thanked, and just the act of me putting together Christmas for his family at our house was apparently an expectation  of thanks. And... so it should be, someone should be thanked for all that work. Oh well. I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad to be done with it. :P

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