It's Only Life After All (Part Two - The Schnozz/Medical Concerns)

  • I have had SO much to do this summer. Luckily, I put off my elective surgery until two days after my Momma arrived, so at least I got the basics of her room done for her to move in with me. 

    I had a turbinectomy.

    I didn't even know I had turbinates!

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    I have always had trouble breathing through my nose. I have also had a recurrent sinus infection in my left sinus (or so we thought). I also show sleep apnea, but only on about every third sleep study I do (I have some other major sleep problems, and have had over a dozen sleep studies in my life). 

    I went to see an ear nose and throat doctor (ENT) who specialized in the physiology of sleep apnea, and he said he could  not see anything that might cause apnea... and that the only thing that might be happening is that when I lie on my back, my tongue might fall backwards and block my breathing.

    Unfortunately, on my back is the only position in which I do not have one of my other sleep disorders as severely. So the doctor set me up to have an oral device made to use in my sleep, and I'm trying to adjust to that now - it does seem to be making a difference, but there is a lot to adjust, and I'm tired of driving an hour to get the dentist to make the tiny tweaks necessary. I am hoping it will be worth it in the long run. 

    Anyhow, I got my nasal turbinates removed as well. Ohmy! I never knew what it was to be able to really truly breathe through my nose. It's amazing! However, I also got a terrible infection that took six weeks from my life. It didn't hurt, even when it came to just pus running from my nose instead of snot (oh dear, I hope you weren't eating, were you?). However, it sapped my energy to the point where I was asleep more hours of the day than I was awake. It turns out the original infection wasn't in my sinus, it was in my actual nasal passages. 

    I still have the infection now, but it's back to more normal levels. My ENT wouldn't believe I still have it (because being fat, a woman, and a not-doctor disqualifies me from knowing my body, apparently). And then he quit. I have a month to find a new one and get an appointment and fight this. Tomorrow I need to get on the phone and get strident. 

    My medical bills (despite health insurance) have driven me into a bit of debt this year. I find that depressing. Even more depressing is that my divorce goes through next month, and I won't have health insurance. If the ACA goes away, I may not be able to get health insurance at all. because of pre-existing conditions, I couldn't get any before the ACA. So I really should get everything I can in place. I'm trying. My best option might be to get some sort of catastrophic insurance that covers me for emergencies, and then go back to Australia once a year and pay full price for a year's worth of medications (as a trip to the other side of the world plus full price for all my meds is LESS than one month of my current medications here at full GENERIC MEDS price). 

    Nothing to do but keep on keeping on. 

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