QotD: A 2018 check-list

  • QotD: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

    It's too easy to get overly ambitious with New Year's resolutions, so I try to keep them really vague so that I can feel like I accomplished something at the end of the year.  I try to maintain a healthy level of self-loathing all throughout the year, though, so I can work on being a slightly better human at the end of the year than when it started.

    I'd like to sew more things.  Clothes, specifically.  Hmm.  I want to pass the Professional Engineering exam because I've failed it twice now, and this is a black mark on my SOUL.  And with any more tries, A. my self-esteem will plummet head first into concrete and B.  NCEES will have to make up a scholarship in my name given all the money I have thrown at them to take these exams.

    I've heard of people taking this test 7 times and finally passing.  This is both inspirational and incredibly depressing.

    I'm getting married in April, sooooo...successfully getting married.  Should be an easy box to check off the list.

    We've been doing P90X in the mornings, so I'd like to see where this experiment goes.  I'm just going to say that Tony Horton is basically the Michael Scott of exercise videos, but the workouts are at least interesting.  Also, I'm very much out of shape.

    I guess those are my vague resolutions for now.  

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