QotD: being social

  • QotD: what’s the next big social network?

    I sometimes wonder if social is dead. Not everyone wants to share everything.
       Yes, I get that people like likes and want that positive hit of validation.
       But Facebook and Twitter have jumped the shark, Google Plus never really took off, and Instagram probably has jumped as well, judging on my own posts (my posting frequency has plummeted compared with 2016 and 2017).
       I use Mastodon, which to conventional minds is probably the next big one. But really, it’s not that dissimilar to Twitter, but before the bogans, chavs and political-caricature activists got there. It is, however, full of Japanese users, so unless you read their language, you’re going to see a lot of gibberish in Mastodon’s ‘federated timeline’. You can show just the feed of your own Mastodon instance but I like seeing the world tick by.
       Nothing grabs me the same way Google grabbed me as a search engine in 1999.
       The clue may well be in the simplicity of the next one.
       Or people may just wise up and figure out that experiencing life outside of the walled gardens of Facebook and the monitoring of Google is a good thing. (Not that most have yet. It’s going to take something even bigger than Cambridge Analytica.)

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