Vivaldi bugs continue

  • I’ve had to file some more bug reports for Vivaldi. At one point, this site was one that the browser could not handle properly. I couldn’t begin typing text in this main box as I did today (there has been an update in the interim), without either switching browsers (back to Firefox), or pretend I was uploading an image, cancelling, then typing. They must have broken something with v. 1.12 that they fixed with v. 1.13—except now it appears they have broken other things.
       For a start, some UK sites no longer load. Adam Sheik’s Cantonese website just returns the word ‘Denied’, even though it’s fine on Firefox. But here’s the real kicker: try logging in to Vivaldi’s own website.

       That’s right, you can’t even get in to Vivaldi’s own site with a Vivaldi browser. Here, too, I’ve had to switch to Firefox.
       I happen to like this firm, and it’s not a giant like Google. I can forgive some bugs, but of the ones their browser had to have, the latter is a pretty silly one. It also makes you wonder why no one has picked up this one. Why do some sites—including Vivaldi—block this browser?
       The new Firefox (v. 57) doesn’t have a full set of plug-ins yet, and its handling of type isn’t as good, so Vivaldi’s going to remain my main browser for a little white yet. I really hope they get this fixed.

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