QotD: magazine tycoon

  • QotD: if you were to have your own magazine, what would the title be?

    This could be a trick question … I do have my own magazine and it’s called Lucire. The name came about when my friend Sylvie and I were hanging in her office in early 1997. She suggested it, and I said, ‘OK.’ (She had assured me in the three languages she knew, it wasn’t a rude word.) I fed it into a search engine (Altavista—there was no such thing as Google) that evening (remember, we didn’t have wifi then, so I couldn’t do it instantly) and nothing came up. It was easy to type (three consonants, three vowels, spaced evenly). The name stuck. It was only in 2000 or 2001 I learned there was an old Romanian word, one that was no longer used colloquially, which meant shine or brightness. We got pretty lucky with that word.

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