Political things happening in places I love

  • I have Hugo the ReiseBunny here, because you need to see Berlin in the evening at sunset. 

    Berlin is one of my most favorite cities in the world. I always say that it is my Paris. Next to Prague, Los Angeles, Zurich (Switzerland), Vancouver (BC), and Wellington (NZ), it's right up there. 

    This has been a horrid year politically around the world, but in spite what has just happened in the elections yesterday in Germany, Angela Merkel is still Chancellor. See article: Merkel, AFD and the wounded SPD: Eight Lessons from the Germany's elections.

    I don't even want to talk about the elections in New Zealand, and even less about the United States right now. It all makes me miserable...except for Germany.

    So, AFD gained a zillion seats and is the third strongest party in Germany now.  The left-leaning SPD has said it won't collate and will be firmly opposition. So, CDU/CSU has to now find a partner in the Greens and the FDP. Hmmm. Chances of that happening? I have zero clue. Personally, I don't even know what to think. In order to counter AFD, I think SPD needs to swallow it's pride and see if they can't come to terms with CDU/CSU. But, that's not even remotely a reality. After seeing the internal divisions in the left-leaning candidates in the US, I just despair a bit. People are so damn rigid, they will let the super right-wing parties in rather than try to combat this kind of thing together. 

    Yes, I am a Pollyana. I know I know. We all live in the "real world" and as a student of International Relations, I know this perhaps better than a lot of people, but we all know what happens when people from different sides don't come together to fight bigotry, prejudice, and ignorance. 

    What I also am afraid of is AFD coming to power in Saxony [the region I live in]. Leipzig, thankfully, managed to keep a CDU/CSU majority, but with AFD coming in a strong 2nd. Dresden went to AFD. It's Saxony's capital, which means that Saxony fell to AFD. *sigh*  :( 

    Places I love...

    *sigh* Just look at the bunny again. That was a beautiful day in Berlin.




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