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  • QotD: Home is where the heart is

    I love living in an apartment, but I think I would also like a garden...I have zero green thumb, but I keep accumulating plants. Here in Germany, we don't have to chose tho. Often, people have garden space in a communal garden arena. They have little mini-cabins and hang out in their garden. It's su...
  • Political things happening in places I love

    I have Hugo the ReiseBunny here, because you need to see Berlin in the evening at sunset.  Berlin is one of my most favorite cities in the world. I always say that it is my Paris. Next to Prague, Los Angeles, Zurich (Switzerland), Vancouver (BC), and Wellington (NZ), it's right up there.&nbs...
  • Boys [Online Dating Report #2] - Coping with Politics - Berlin Again. Repeat

    1. The thing with dating, is that sometimes, it is actually addicting. I narrowed down my pool to three. And started cultivating things. One by one, I narrowed them down. The first one who I had to strike out was the academic - closest to my age - separated, two little kids, one adult kid. really ni...
  • Mental Hibernation / im Winterschlaf im Kopf

    I don't know about you guys, but I have been finding this whole political climate so incredibly horrific and crushing that sometimes I can hardly breathe. I think this election was bad enough, but as debilitating as that was mentally, in the weeks [and yes, it has literally only been weeks] since th...
  • Slothtastic TeachingFodder

    So I teach English in Germany [as some of you might already know].  One of my teaching tools is a series of videos about everything that Google puts out - super high production values, about literally everything - Great Big Story. You should check them out. [There is also a handy-dandy app.] ...
  • In which women conduct: SHOCKER. *snark*

    I just watched this little segment on PBS on women conductors. I am somewhat still nonplussed as to why there aren't more women conductors. In a realm of arts I so love and have existed in my whole life, this is such a disappointment.  Watch this segment. It's only 7minutes and quite illuminat...
  • QotD: T.V. M*A*S*H*

    QotD: Do you have a favorite new television show this season? Well, shows I just started watching? Killjoys Designated Survivor The OA The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
  • 1st Online Dating Report [ODR]: Dating Apps, Take 2

    1st Online Dating Report [to be future referred to as ODR]: 1. Everyone smokes here[I still find this so weird] and haven't bothered to read I don't want any smokers. 2. Most of them want "open" relationships. Apparently, monogamy is a thing of the past as a choice for me. One guy is actually ma...
  • QotD: To Be or Not to Be

    QotD: How are you feeling today?  You do not want to know. But, some of what I can describe is a like Jack Yan said...a little like what's-his-face in Quantum Leap.    
  • Finding Handel in Weissenfels

    So, as you all may know, I live in Eastern Germany, which is a treasure trove for a classical musician. I live in Leipzig, which is in the region of Saxony. Bach lived in the building one of my favorite restaurants is in and when I sit there, my view is of one of the churches he was Music Director i...
  • You may now address me as...Lady Paikea of Lochaber & Glencoe

    Today I did something entirely impetuous and completely different. Every year, I give a certain sum of money at a some organizations of my choosing. For a couple decades, I have given money to places like Doctors Without Borders, the World Wildlife Fund, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary [in Ka...
  • QotD: Week in Review

    I proposed to the boss I like that we have a language school together.  And she thought it was a fabulous idea... Eek. If this actually happens...I will actually BE a Boss again. And, have a career. I had to go from the US to NZ to Germany to find one, but hey. Life is so weird. I will kee...
  • QotD: Seasons Sweets

    okay. this is hard. because you can do THIS with candy canes... not that i ever have... but, with candy corns, i always feel as if i could eat a whole bag...then i do...then i feel ill... i like tutti fruity candy canes... not sure that i answered this question... QotD: Candy Canes or Ca...
  • QotD: Adrenaline Re-Rush

    Several Things, As it Turns Out.  1. Auditioning for the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra at age 16.  A. HELL YESSS. My mother never wanted me to get in. I had to. Survival. I had to get away from home. I had a rather...stifling childhood. I would do it again. In a second. [I got in. ...
  • QotD: Too Cool for Flight School

    astrogirl42 QotD: If you were pilot in Top Gun, what would your call-sign be? 
  • QotD: Home Is...

    Circumstance, Consequence, Connections, Chance. QotD: Why do you live where you live? 
  • QotD: Teen Hindsight

    ALWAYS have a seperate bank account from your partner.  And, if you don't, make sure you at least have a secret bank account. You never know when the person you have loved and trusted will screw you and you could be left with nothing. Welcome to the business of love.       ...
  • QotD: Galaxy Quest

    the TLG INTREPID   QotD: What would you name a spaceship? 
  • QotD: Song Bird: Sarah Vaughn

    "They can't take that away from me..."   QotD: Is there a line of a song in your head right now? What is it?