• QotD: being social

    Posted July 2 by Jack Yan

    QotD: what’s the next big social network?  I sometimes wonder if social is dead. Not everyone wants to share everything.   Yes, I get that people like likes and want that positive hit of validation.   But Facebook and Twitter have jumped the shark, Google Plus never r...

  • Merkel trolls Trump

    Posted June 12 by Jack Yan

    From the official account of the German Chancellor, photographed by Jesco Denzel. Summing up the G7 in 2018?

  • Bruce Forsyth: legend

    Posted April 30 by Jack Yan

    I have never seen the local Dancing with the Stars, the adaptation of Strictly Come Dancing, before tonight, as Amanda wanted to watch it. The celebs were pretty good, giving a darned good effort (considering some had never danced before), and Dai Henwood, the local male host, is quite the showman. ...

  • Perspective matters

    Posted April 28 by Jack Yan

    Found on Twitter (hat tip to Sally-ann Moffat). Perspective matters.    

  • Teamwork quote

    Posted April 13 by Jack Yan

    A friend asked for an inspirational quotation and I really couldn’t think of any, but for some reason, this address from The Italian Job, as delivered by Michael Caine, came to mind. The last line is ideal for teamwork. Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please, gentlemen. Please. We are about to do a job...

  • QotD: the end of social media?

    Posted April 9 by Jack Yan

    QotD: is there still much point to social media?I wrote the question during the whole Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the more I absorb, the more I’m inclined to believe that social media are coming to an end.    Adam Curtis, the documentary-maker and journalist, beli...

  • The Cambridge Analytica data have not been deleted

    Posted April 2 by Jack Yan

    We know Facebook covered up the Cambridge Analytica leak for years. We know AIQ and Cambridge Analytica lied. And now, despite claiming that the data of 50 million people had been deleted, Channel 4 was able to get some of those data and visit people in the US who were targeted. As they say: if they...

  • Where has everybody gone?

    Posted March 25 by Jack Yan

    I sure wish I wasn’t the person doing 90 per cent of recent posts here. If I wanted an echo chamber, I’d use Google. I’d love to hear from other Blogcozy members … I really expected more of you here given the latest revelations about Facebook. Surely blogging isn’t dea...

  • Facebook was on the decline before Cambridge Analytica

    Posted March 23 by Jack Yan

    Found in February 2018: even before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook was occupying less time among 18-pluses in the US. I’d expect this to continue dropping. Peak Facebook was in 2014 anyway; my feeling was that the site was on borrowed time ever since.  

  • Make America great again

    Posted March 23 by Jack Yan

    Not sure of the source, and I have my own views on ‘the Russian thing’, but I still found this funny.

  • Mark Zuckerberg with an underwhelming statement

    Posted March 22 by Jack Yan

    After all the mess of the Cambridge Analytica scandal (so far), Mark Zuckerberg’s statement was lame. No apology. No mention that Facebook had covered this up for two years. No explanation of why he failed to answer journalists about this for two years. No explanation on why Facebook tried to ...

  • QotD: type right

    Posted March 16 by Jack Yan

    QotD: have you ever used a typewriter? Yes, and I had used one on and off till a few years ago. I began with Dad’s Underwood 18, a very simple, portable typewriter that we brought over from Hong Kong. I learned to type on it. In the 1980s, with Dad’s business doing well, we bought a...

  • QotD: you’ve got mail

    Posted March 13 by Jack Yan

    QotD: how long have you had your current email address? Twenty-three years. I’ve had my company domain for all that time, and never saw much need to change. It has a few aliases because of my other ventures but they all go to that one main box. Just two weeks ago, someone replied to a mes...

  • Lobster Joke

    Posted March 6 by Jonathan

    A game warden was walking down a dock one afternoon when he saw a woman with a bucket of llobsters. He ran over, showed the woman his badge, and said, "You're in big trouble. Poacing is illegal, and we take it very seriously here!" "No, no," said the woman, laughing, "these lobsters are my pets! Ea...

  • More Instagram art

    Posted March 3 by Jack Yan

    Here’s more Instagram-created art, from my visit to Emerson’s Brewery in Dunedin at the end of the week.

  • Instagram art

    Posted February 28 by Jack Yan

    I don’t know if Instagram does this on all phones, but when I make multi-photo posts, it often leaves behind a very interesting image. Sometimes, the result is very artistic, such as this one of a Lotus–Ford Cortina Mk II. You can see the rear three-quarter shot just peer in through t...