What's Shaking on BlogCozy

  • Welcome to 2018!
    Posted by Jack Yan January 15

    It’s 2018 and another year kicks off here at Blogcozy!

    Holly Jahangiri has made some New Year’s resolutions, and she links to a list of them. How do yours compare?

    Jenny, meanwhile, has her list of 2018 to-dos, among them getting married in April. Congratulations, Jenny!

    Liv shares a song from the Lumineers, reminding us that we need to find a moment to leave if we want to make it out.

    And finally, I bump into an old man at the petrol station—and write a bit about our encounter.

    Keep enjoying your summer (or winter), ’Cozies! Here’s a view from the scorching days here in Wellington (don’t be jealous, we didn’t have a summer last year!).

  • The festive season looms
    Posted by Jack Yan December 11, 2017

    Is it really the last month of the Gregorian year, with Hanukkah beginning tonight and Christmas round the corner?

    Liv has been moving in to her new place and renovating—follow her progress in ‘It’s Only Life After All (Part One—the Walls)’. It’s looking really good! 

    New Zealand has a new prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, 37. She represents a new era of politics, and I posted a Time magazine interview with her, in ‘Jacinda Ardern, then and now’.

    Paikea gives us a glimpse of her plants on her window sill in Germany, because, after all, ‘Home is where the heart is’.

    And TreeSweater ponders the full moon in her post ‘Or maybe every three days’.

    Enjoy your summer (or winter)! Here’s the view from my office.